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participative workshop-like experience space

in Collaboration with Friederike Heine

As part of the Somatic-Artist in Residence-Programm,

curated by Barbara Bess

Farbige Raum

Photography by Sebastian Autenrieth

(c) Gabriel de Melo Quadros, Editing K.S.

The dialogue between inner and outer spaces is the theme of this two-day workshop developed as part of the Somatic Artist in Residence program. What happens when we approach the hidden, unknown spaces within us? What kinds of expression emerge in the process? What secrets come to light?

Using body-based practices, somatic approaches to voice and language, we search for strategies of expression and allow dream-like imaginaries and hidden vocalities of the body to emerge.  

Following these secret places, experimenting in them and sharing them with each other is what interests us. What kind of coming together emerges in the process? The two-day workshop opens a space of experience that invites us to discover the visualizability and acoustics of inner spaces with each other.



The participatory experience space summarizes the research and acquired knowledge from the work of Friederike Heine "Das Geheimnis versteht es sich hinter die Horizontline zurückziehen" and CUTTY SHELLS' "TUMBLING DOWN MY UNIVERSE". Both performances have already been staged as a performative double evening and the workshop formed the framework program.



21. - 26.06.2023

Past Dates

04. + 05.02.2023

Tanzzentrale Fürth


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